Summer Jobs and You(th)!

Summer Jobs for Youth

If you are a young person between the ages of 13 and 30 and looking for work in Powell River we suggest you add a visit to the Service Canada Centre for Youth (SCCY) to your job search to-do list. Why? Because the SCCY is where job seekers and employers get connected!

And who’s helping make the connection? Carmen Anderson, Powell River’s Youth Service Officer, she’s working on both sides of the employment fence: helping job seekers and local employers by providing a number of free services.

And you don’t have to be a student to use their services. If you are 13 to 30 years old, drop by the SCCY and see what’s in store just for you.  

Interested in Casual Labour? Drop in and ask Carmen to get you on the Casual Labour Pool list right away! You may also want to check out Service Canada’s special Employment for Youth and Students page for links to the many programs and Canada-wide student employment opportunities, or click here to see the Powell River-specific Student and Youth employment listings.

Carmen can help you:

  • Get your name on the list for the Casual Labour Pool!
  • Get a SIN card
  • Start or polish up your resume
  • Guide you to job postings (full time, part time, casual/odd jobs)
  • Link to volunteer opportunities – an excellent way to add experience to your resume
  • Share your resume with local employers wanting to hire young people

Now is the time of year when employers find out if their requests to the government for funding the hiring of students/youth were approved, which is why you may have noticed a couple more job postings lately especially for your age group. Often, you’ve got to act pronto and get your application in as the deadlines and job start dates can be pretty tight. 

Already have a summer job? Awesome! What about education plans? Is travel on your bucket list? The SCCY can also point you in the direction of government services to apply for student loans/grants and programs that provide traveling work experiences across Canada.  Learn more, take advantage.  Like we say at Career Link: “Try it. It’s easy and it’s free!”

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