October Labour Market Snapshot of Powell River

Career Link’s October job market report indicates the number of job postings remained virtually steady in October with 42 jobs as compared to September’s 41 jobs posted.  Taking a closer look at the September and October job postings we noted that:

  • In both months, the top 3 sectors were: Food Services, Retail Trade and Health Care.
  • Rounding out October’s top 5 sectors were postings in Construction (6) and Social Assistance (3).
  • There was a decrease in Education sector job postings after their rise in September.
  • Two employers hiring for administrative positions in the Construction and Transportation sectors reported receiving a staggering number of applicants: 40 and 60 resumes each!

And how do the year-to-date (January to October) job posting numbers compare?

  • Jan 1 2010 to Oct 31 2010 = 358 job postings
  • Jan 1 2011 to Oct 31 2011 = 477 job postings

What about those 42 clients who found jobs in October? Where are they finding work? In a variety of areas through targeted, diligent job search techniques supported by their employment counsellor.  They are telling us they are working in/at:

  • Food services – both in town and in remote camp settings as cooks
  • They also found work in our large and small grocery stores both serving food at deli counters and in customer service at the tills
  • Catalyst Paper – both in the trades (electrician and power engineer) and at the entry level
  • Maintenance jobs in both industrial and commercial settings
  • Some clients are starting out with part-time or casual hours in a local real estate firm and at one of the local banks
  • In the Forestry sector – both logging and silviculture work was reported

Regionally, the Vancouver Island/Coast unemployment rate for October was 6.9%  just above the BC average of 6.6% (source: BC Stats Labour Force Statistics October 2011).

Looking ahead to jobs in November and December – we suggest looking in Retail and Food Services.  You could broaden your search beyond “main street” to include businesses that offer catering and personal services such as cleaning and caregiving at this busy time of year.  And if the job market is tight in your chosen area consider this a good time for volunteering and networking – think of all those holiday events as a chance to spread goodwill and keep your spirits up.

For the latest Powell River job news, keep in touch with us.  Read our tweets, follow us on Facebook, comment on this blog, send us an email, give us a call, visit our website, and of course stop by our office (#103, 4511 Marine Ave. Powell River, BC).


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