Newsflash! Time to “Get Youth Working”!

** Join us at Career Link (#103, 4511 Marine Ave. Powell River, BC) on Tuesday June 26 at 1PM form a free information session on the Get Youth Working Program with special guest speaker Sarah Cunningham.**

All over BC, including Powell River, it’s time to get our youth working. Now Employers and young people have another financial incentive to help turn their staffing and employment goals into a reality thanks to funding from the GET YOUTH WORKING program.

This program’s eligibility criteria may meet your needs where others have not, so it’s worth exploring as an option. Check out the Youth info  and complete the online survey to see if you qualify to receive a letter stating your eligibility that you can attach to your resume and offer to prospective Employers. There is a $2,800 hiring incentive per employee (for up to 3 new hires) plus another $1,000 available to purchase training. Keen Employers should consult the Employer info and access the straightforward application form.

The attractive Get Youth Working website  is designed so that both Youth and Employers can easily determine their eligibility and either can initiate the process to get the ball rolling.

While the latest statistics from the April, 2012 BC Labour Market Snapshot show that the youth employment rate in BC is increasing, and that “[c]ompared to last month, the number of unemployed youth (aged 15 to 24) decreased by 13,300 to 37,700 (-26.1%). The unemployment rate for youth decreased (-3.6 pct points) to 10.5% [compared to] one year ago was higher at 14.5%”. It is clear that with such a high unemployment rate there is still room for improvement.

Perhaps not eligible for the Get Youth Working program? Don’t give up, this is just one of a few funding options for BC job seekers. Career Link can help you navigate the funding waters. Attending a Career Link orientation session is the first step to learning about the supports that may be available to you. Orientation sessions are every Tuesday at 9:30 am or Thursday at 1:30 pm at the Career Link office. We are located at 4511 Marine Avenue and open Monday to Friday 8:30 to 4:30. Try it! It’s easy and it’s free!

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