Tuition aid rises for job skills

ladyreadsCareer Link has good news for job seekers who find they need training to be considered for employment.

Unemployed people who are eligible to access tuition assistance through the Employment Program of BC stand to benefit from the government’s recent increase in the tuition cap. Starting now, people who receive services through Career Link may be eligible for up to $7,500 in tuition funding to attend career-related training. Previous tuition support was capped at $4,000.

This change in the tuition-funding maximum will give people who are having trouble finding work a better opportunity to develop their job skills. “So often today, employers are seeking applicants who are ready to step into a skilled position,” says Career Link Program Director Lyn Adamson. “If you want year-round employment, and a liveable wage, career training will make a huge difference in leading you to your goal.” Career Link employment counsellors help clients identify skills they will need to target the jobs in demand.

calculThe key is to thoroughly research careers of interest. The need for skilled workers is growing in many trades and management positions, as baby boomers prepare to retire. “A Career Link employment counsellor helps you determine if the vocation you choose is something with a future, and one you can imagine doing full-time for many years to come,” Adamson adds. In Powell River, Vancouver Island University offers several career programs ( Other career- and trades-training options are available in classrooms throughout the province or online.

Launched in April 2012, the Employment Program of BC is designed to offer a full suite of employment programs to all unemployed British Columbians, including specialized populations.  At the same time, it ensures quick and easy access through a WorkBC Employment Services Centre–in this community, the starting point is Career Link.

Powell River job seekers can visit Career Link WorkBC Employment Services Centre at 103-4511 Marine Avenue, or online at For a complete listing of WorkBC Employment Services Centres, visit



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