VIU’s Building Service Worker Program May 13-June 8

Building Service Worker
Building Service Worker

Employment Skills Access: Building Service Worker Program at the Powell River Campus of Vancouver Island University (VIU) (view full brochure here)
The primary focus of the program is learning and practicing the specific skills required for  building service workers (including WHMIS and OFA). In addition, the program supports  student success through the Foundation

Skills Training course that will orient participants  to the building service industry (see below for a description of this industry).

This course includes discussion with employers about their expectations and requirements, and emphasizes development and practice of  Essential Skills relevant to the industry. The Transition to Employment component assists  participants with resume preparation and job search skills and resources.
This program is being funded by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation’s
Employment Skills Access (ESA) Program. Tuition and materials are available for
participants that meet the criteria of the ESA program. Funding for this training program
will be administered by Vancouver Island University (VIU).
These courses are designed to enhance participants in successfully entering/reentering
the workforce. Graduates of the program secure employment in entry level
custodial positions in school districts, hospitals, other institutions, hotels, offices, and
industrial settings.

Upon successful completion,  students will receive certificates in the following:

  •  WHMIS
  •  Occupational First Aid – Level 1
  •  Building Service Worker Certificate

Dates are as follows: May 13 – June 8, 2013 (Powell River)

This program has been selected to assist unemployed individuals gain employment and will cover all tuition and books for students that meet the eligibility criteria of the ESA program, namely the person:
 Be unemployed:
 Is not on EI/attached to EI in the past three years for a regular claim or past five years for a Maternity/Parental claim.
How to Register
Interested parties should contact:
Krista Convey, ESA Client Manager
Telephone: 250-740-6163
Cell: 250-618-7748
Marion Knost, ESA Program Manager
Telephone: 250-740-6364


About the Building Service Industry

“Many businesses don’t do all of the day-to-day work that is required to keep their organization operating smoothly. Instead, they hire companies that provide specialized services. Many of the organizations that provide these types of services are in the business, building & other support services industry. They provide services that are used by both business and personal clients.

What’s included in business, building & other support services?

  • The day-to-day operation and management of businesses and buildings involves a number of different types of services provided by establishments in this industry.
  • Building services, the largest employer in this industry, includes janitorial, window cleaning, landscaping, carpet & chimney cleaning, and other services related to maintaining buildings in good order. Some of these services may be used by private households as well as businesses.
  • The security industry includes establishments that provide security (including remote monitoring using electronic security systems), armored car, locksmithing, and investigation services to business clients as well as households.   Business services support the day-to-day operations of other businesses, and include office administration, facilities support, document preparation, call centres, copy shops & other business service centres, collection agencies, and credit bureaus.
  • Travelling services are primarily travel agencies, tour operators, and other establishments providing travel arrangement and reservation services to individuals as well as other businesses.
  • Employment services include employment placement agencies and temporary help services.
  • Establishments that manage companies and enterprises, hold a controlling interest in the securities or financial assets, or influence the management of these organizations are also included in this industry. This includes holding companies and head offices.
  • Convention & trade show organizers, and other support services such as auctioneering and reading meters are also included in this industry.
  • Waste management & remediation services includes waste collection, treatment and disposable, remediation and cleanup of building, mine sites, soil or ground water, and recycling services.”


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