Sector Councils and You


Defining it: What is a Sector Council?

“Sector councils are industry-led partnership organizations that address skills development issues and implement solutions in key sectors of the economy.   Today’s global marketplace is changing at an unprecedented rate; dramatic shifts in the economy, large scale layoffs, recession, changing demographics and the pace of technological advancements combine to add pressure to an already competitive labour market.  It is essential that Canadians are prepared to meet these challenges with the skills, knowledge and confidence that are required to succeed in this new landscape.   Sector councils work as a uniting element to engage employers, workers, educators, professional associations and government in a strategic alliance that is focused on implementing solutions to the specific skills and human resource needs that will enable their sector to thrive.

Sector councils focus on:

For the next few weeks, we will profile four sector councils that are setting the standard by undertaking programs that anticipate and respond to skills and labour market issues affecting their industries. With a number of education/training and on-the-job support programs, competitive pay rates, and numerous benefits, these sector councils represent industries that claim to offer growth, stability and career progression.

If you are starting your search or you’ve been thinking of switching to a new career but you just haven’t found the one; read on and find out how to ‘uncover’ your potential.

Canadian Automotive and Repair Council

Wonder What Training You Need To Work in Auto Repair and Service?

Are you the type who has always tinkered with engines in your backyard? Think it would be fun to work as a parts runner? The Canadian Automotive Repair and Service (CARS) Council website provides human-resource and learning tools that are convenient, accessible, fun to use and custom designed for automotive repair. Visit:

A snapshot of the CARS youth website; click above to visit it.
A snapshot of the CARS youth website; click above to visit it.

These initiatives ensure that employers and employees who work in this industry can access best practices, obtain the latest skills, and discover more about the latest technologies and trends.

The caresyouth site will respond to frequently asked questions that youth, educators, employers and parents may have regarding the many choices available.

The chart below offers a good snapshot of the many occupations in the industry:

Click for a large printable version
Click for a large printable version

Sample of Powell River Businesses in this Sector:

Ace Auto Electric
Big O Tires
Canadian Tire
Dox Auto Tech
El’s Auto Tech
Hi-Tech Auto Rebuilders
Kal Tire/Aero Auto Sense
Massullo Motors
NAPA Auto Parts
New Image Auto and Detail
Pinetree Autobody
Quality Parts
River City Auto
Valley Auto Repair
Vanderkemp Sales & Service

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