Growing a Business, One Employee at a Time

“Exciting” is the word that hair stylists Lisa Millar and Deidra Cathcart use when describing their profession. “There's always something to learn and it’s always growing as an industry. You can expand into so many different areas and it can be financially rewarding,” says Lisa, owner of Urban Roots. “I love all our clients,” says Deidra. “There... Continue Reading →

New Employee Rises to the Challenge

Coranne Anderson, one of the owners of Aaron Service and Supply, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Wage Subsidy Service [WSS] delivered by Career Link. To date, she has hired three full-time employees through the service. Her newest staff member, Stacy Mogan, celebrated her first anniversary with the company in November. What kind of person were... Continue Reading →

Prawnfisher reflects on industry changes

“When I got into it, prawns were sold on the corner. There was no trap limitation: some guys fished 1000 traps. Others were fishing part-time, or supplementing with salmon fishing in winter.” At that time, he says, there were approximately 100 holders of prawn-fishing licenses. In the meantime, however, salmon fishing was taking a hit, with... Continue Reading →

Summer Jobs 2013

It's that time of the year again, when the summer jobs start popping like cherry blossoms. Traditionally, apart from holiday relief work in retail (tip: Walmart and Safeway are hiring for multiple positions) and some manufacturing sectors (tip: Catalyst Paper is hiring students), the sectors that heat up with the temperatures include: Tourism/Food services (tourism guides,... Continue Reading →

Using the new Work BC Labour Market Navigator

Introducing the new Labour Market Navigator!  On March 21st launched a new online tool that helps users navigate their way through over 500 careers. The tool provides information on employment demand outlook, projected job openings, workforce characteristics, and earnings. Information is presented in an easily accessible infographic format.  The featured content section of... Continue Reading →

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