Sector Councils: Focus on Tourism ‘The world’s largest and fastest-growing sector’

The five sectors of the tourism industry: Accommodation, Food and Beverage Services, Transportation, Recreation and Entertainment and Travel Services.

Tourism is everywhere. And whether you’re looking for short-term income, a flexible job opportunity or a rewarding career, you’ll find an opportunity that’s right for you in one of the fastest growing industries!

While tourism has always been a friendly gateway to the world of work, the industry also offers lifelong career opportunities in challenging, interesting, fast-paced occupations that require employees with a wide variety of skills and capabilities.

There are 1.66 million people employed in tourism-related occupations in Canada, and that number is projected to hit 1.95 million by 2015.

There are five sectors of the tourism industry, including Accommodation, Food and Beverage Services, TransportationRecreation and Entertainment and Travel Services.

The Canadian Tourism  HR Council (CTHRC) is a national organization that facilitates and coordinates human resources development activities which support a competitive and sustainable Canadian tourism sector. The Council conducts labour market research (, offers training and recognition under the emerit tourism training brand (, and promotes the advantages of working in the sector through Discover Tourism ( This program is funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program.

  • The Tourism sector includes accommodation, food and beverage services, transportation, recreation and entertainment, and travel services. Established in 1993, the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) addresses labour market issues and promotes professionalism in the Canadian tourism sector. The CTHRC website provides numerous resources including:
  • More than 50 job descriptions (National Occupational Standards) and profiles
  • Online and paper-based training tools through at a reasonable cost
  • Professional Recognition and Certification programs (Tourism Certified Professional, Tourism Certified Supervisor/Manager)
  • Link to BC Tourism Job Board:— a tourism job posting site that allows you to set up a profile, search job boards and permit employers to browse your resume.
  • Visit— to learn about tourism myths and facts, training, career paths …and much more!
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Types of Powell River Businesses in this Sector:

  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/Motels/B&Bs
  • Lounges/Bars/Taverns
  • Marinas
  • Ferries/Water Taxis
  • Travel Agencies
  • Movie Theatres
  • Regular and Mini-Golf

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