Training the Musicians of Tomorrow

Conductor Arthur Arnold is committed to training the world's future musicians
Conductor Arthur Arnold is committed to training the world’s future musicians

Conductor Arthur Arnold believes there is a future in music for young people with passion and commitment.

“Music is so much a part of who we are, what we need in life. It’s a necessity when something big happens, like what we saw during 9/11. Once the streets of New York were clear and safe, people formed choirs and began to sing hymns and other music.”

Arnold is the conductor and creative spirit behind the Pacific Region International Summer Music Academy [PRISMA]. Hundreds of Powell River residents, and tourists, attended its stellar lineup of concerts and masterclasses held between June 18 and 28, 21013. They had the unique opportunity of watching and listening as PRISMA prepared young musicians from all over the world for a future in music.

Currently the chief conductor of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Arthur sees Powell River as the perfect location in which to nurture young talent. “We’re in kind of a nature retreat here, with none of the distractions of the big city. Powell River’s devotion to music is really high. It’s an enormous advantage.”

As proof, he points to Powell River youth who are currently building musical careers, such as Carli and Julie Kennedy. Julie, a violinist, was named Concertmaster of the 2007 National Youth Orchestra of Canada, while guitarist Carli took third prize at the Canadian Nationals.  As a duo, they were nominated for five BC Country Music Awards in 2012. Continue reading “Training the Musicians of Tomorrow”

New Intake! Job Options Could Be For You


Out of work and need a hand getting into the job market?

Job Options BC is an employment and skills training program that can help unemployed British Columbians gain the skills, confidence and experience they need to find employment.

CL LogoEmailSig Eligibility for Job Options BC:

·     Unemployed, non-EI British Columbians who are Landed Immigrants or Canadian Citizens and are not attending school

·     A non-EI individual is one who has not established a regular Employment Insurance (EI) claim in the last three years; and, has not established a maternity or parental claim in the past five years 

·     Individuals who are most likely to benefit from long term job search help, supported work experience and follow-up support services 

Program offers:

·     6 weeks of facilitated group work followed by 4 weeks of work experience options to a maximum of 10 weeks 

·     Training allowances for 6 weeks of group work

·     Preparation for employment, or where appropriate, further training and up to 6 months follow up support 


For more information, call Susan at 604.485.7958 or email Deadline for applications is May 17, 2013.


Working together to help keep BC strong

Funding provided through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement


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