Photo Contest Now Closed. Thank you for submitting!

Powell River: Get Snapping and Win Prizes! Deadline is Labour Day (Sept. 2, 2013) at midnight.


Thank you for submitting! You can vote for your favourite People’s Choice photo here. Deadline October 1, 2013 at midnight.

Just to refresh your memory… here were the rules and requirements:

Entry Rules and Requirements

• The theme is “People at Work in Powell River”. The image(s) can be of yourself or others at work in our coastal region. Photos of all sorts of work are accepted, including hobbies and volunteer work.

• ONLY digital images are accepted (maximum 2MB for each image; 300 pixels per inch is recommended). If you have a printed copy, you may come to Career Link to get this scanned and digitized. Photos may be new or older, but you must have the legal right to them, and must have explicit consent to use the likeness of the persons represented in the photo(s). (see below)

• Submit anytime, but the deadline is midnight on Monday September 2, 2013 . There will be a juried show with audience awards too, in late September, 2013 at Career Link!

• Multiple submissions are accepted and encouraged, and please include a title for your image(s) as well!

IMPORTANT! ALL entries must each be accompanied by signed and dated release forms (one for each image). Download it here. Note that both the photographer and the people in your photos must fill out, sign and date the release forms, with email address/contact information of all involved. Photographers and/or persons in the photos must be 19+ or have legal guardian sign the release form. Blank release forms can be picked up at Career Link’s offices; you can drop off your filled-out forms here as well.

• Juried and audience prizes for best ‘self-portrait at work’, ‘best in show’.

• This contest is open to all except for this contest’s judges and their immediate family members, who may submit but cannot compete for prizes.

• Career Link accepts no responsibility for the potential use of your photograph beyond our immediate control.

UPLOAD your image(s) here via email, click here (or email your file(s) as attachments to:

Alternately, you can also drop by Career Link with a memory stick and we’ll help you out.

TIPS on Taking the Pics
1. Portraits

Consider clothing, poses and backgrounds that are appropriate for your subjects. Plan the shots beforehand if possible. Carry your camera (and remember that your digital device even has a camera!) with you– people are at work wherever you go! Think: restaurant work, gardening/farming, fishing, construction, traffic control, drivers, postal workers, police, teachers, lifeguards, shop keepers, and the people that you meet each day!

2. Context

If the photo is a record shot of the work situation, make sure you take the shot in the context of their work. The appropriate apparatus and background is important.  Work with the people you are photographing to make sure you are portraying their true location and work situation. Get close to your subject(s) and get some of the surrounding location and tools they may use to make it fit our theme of ‘people at work’.

3. Location

In a very diverse working environment a group shot might be more appropriate than individual shots. Employers usually have very clear ideas about what they want to show their customers. It is important to get the final situation right. Use common sense to assess the location. Make it both relevant and appropriate. Make suggestions to help the composition.

4. Keep it steady and interesting

If you are doing people-shots use a tripod. It is essential to make your shots sharp. Tripods will help you do that more than anything else. If the location is dark, using a tripod make even more sense, or simply prop your camera against a ledge or wall. Try interesting angles like shooting from above or below, action shots, and follow the basic ‘Rule of Thirds’ as described below. Good Luck!

Rule of thirds from Jayne Whitelock on Vimeo.

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