First Group of Companies wins Powell River’s Healthiest Workplace Contest

Career Link is very happy to award First Group of Companies with the 2013 Powell River Healthiest Workplace Contest! They will get to celebrate with a $100 gift certificate to a local food establishment of their choice. Bon Appétit!


The Career Link Promotions Committee chose applicant Angie Poulsen’s entry for its reference to the many programs that First Group of Companies offers its employees, including a Wellness Program Committee, monthly nutrition and fitness programs, incentives for employees fitness activities, and educational/personal incentives, and more.

Other worthy contestants from the five organizations who submitted  mentioned these great ideas on how to maintain a healthy workplace:

  • Reduced waste in the workplace, as well as active recycling programs)
  • The removal of workplace hazards and ergonomics in the design of desks, etc
  • Cleanliness in the workplace
  • Mentoring youth
  • Educational incentives
  • Encouraging employees to take their First Aid ticket
  • Personal care (yoga, sauna, fitness instruction, nutritionist)
  • Team outings and celebrations
  • Discounts to local gyms
  • Paid sick and family days

Many thanks to all contest participants!

Working from home? Here are some tips and links

machine-sewing-754126-m 1.  Set aside a specific place exclusively for work. You’ll be able to deduct it from your taxes and it will help you in many other ways. A door on your home office, as well as your own phone line, can help too. Keep pets out.

2. Create a daily work schedule and stick to it like glue. Make time for meeting face-to-face as well; use your phone and keep up those people skills.

3. Network electronically, because this is your life now. Embrace social media but don’t get caught up in its time-wasting jaws.

4. Take an aggressive stance on retirement savings. Think about extra insurance and put money aside with each paycheck. Put money aside for materials and upgrades to your equipment; keep all receipts as these are tax-deductible or reimbursable.

5. Ramp up your tech skills. Again, this is your livelihood; mind the neighbours if you need to be using loud equipment.

Look into these links for legitimate ‘work-from-home’ opportunities.

You can find out about news and scams here:

Disclaimer: By providing links to various websites, Career Link makes no claims about the suitability or quality of those websites. Links are provided without any express or implied recommendations.

Bladerunners! Info Session Tues. Nov 5, 2-4PM

Women in trades
Women in trades

BladeRunners! Intro to Trades

  • Are you between the ages of 15-30?
  • Are you interested in exploring new skills in the trades?
  • Are you interested in accessing certificate training?
  • Are you available November 18-December 20?
  • Are you able to commit to 25-30 hours per week for skills training?
  • No attachment to Employment Insurance?
  • Priority will be given to youth with barriers to employment (example: little work experience)
  • Training allowance.
  • In class sessions will be held at Oceanview School 5 days/week from Nov 18-Dec 20

Two hour info session

Tuesday, November 5, 2:00-4:00 pm

Career Link: 103-4511 Marine Avenue


Enhance your skills!

 Sponsored by: Career Link, Sliammon Youth Program and School District 47

More information on this program:

Still interested, but missed the info session? There may be a few spots left, so let us know you’re interested. Contact Lyn Adamson at Career Link (604.485.7958)

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