Working from home? Here are some tips and links

machine-sewing-754126-m 1.  Set aside a specific place exclusively for work. You’ll be able to deduct it from your taxes and it will help you in many other ways. A door on your home office, as well as your own phone line, can help too. Keep pets out.

2. Create a daily work schedule and stick to it like glue. Make time for meeting face-to-face as well; use your phone and keep up those people skills.

3. Network electronically, because this is your life now. Embrace social media but don’t get caught up in its time-wasting jaws.

4. Take an aggressive stance on retirement savings. Think about extra insurance and put money aside with each paycheck. Put money aside for materials and upgrades to your equipment; keep all receipts as these are tax-deductible or reimbursable.

5. Ramp up your tech skills. Again, this is your livelihood; mind the neighbours if you need to be using loud equipment.

Look into these links for legitimate ‘work-from-home’ opportunities.

You can find out about news and scams here:

Disclaimer: By providing links to various websites, Career Link makes no claims about the suitability or quality of those websites. Links are provided without any express or implied recommendations.

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