Extension on Get Youth Working!

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New Funding Now Available
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Get Youth Working! Program

We are pleased to announce that the Get Youth Working! Program is extended and
that they are now accepting applications for new hires with a start date on or after April 1st, 2014. The Get Youth Working! Program offers employers a $2,800 hiring incentive (up to 3 employees at $2,800 each) to hire eligible youth between the ages of 15-29. Additionally, employers may request up to $1,000 to purchase training for the newly-hired youth.

Apply online now or visit them at www.getyouthworking.ca


The Hiring Incentive Application is Easy!

Conduct  your own recruiting.  At any time during your recruiting process
complete and submit an online application.  The approval process is
quick and easy and if you and your proposed new hire meet the program
criteria, you are eligible for the funding.

See if you qualify at www.getyouthworking.ca or reach them at info@getyouthworking.ca

Have you used the GYW Program previously?

Existing employers who have hired through the Get Youth Working! (GYW) program previously, may qualify for 3 hires from April 1st, 2014 – September 30th, 2014.  If you have used the program previously or applied and have been approved, please click here if you’re ready to hire a youth or email gyw@bowmanemployment.com.

Career Link is not affiliated with the Get Youth Working! program, but provides this information as an aid to job seekers and employers.

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