What’s up at VIU Fall 2014

malLogoAs we prepare to run off to summer jobs or holidays, it’s a great time to set down some education and training plans for September!

This week we offer a peek at what is on offer at Vancouver Island University (VIU)’s Powell River Campus. As we are simply compiling and relaying this information, it’s best to check with VIU staff for any specifics and for updates at 604.485.2878 or check their website at http://www.pr.viu.ca/

Dual Credit

Some program seats are reserved for qualifying high school students which allows them to obtain their high school graduation while concurrently earning a Vancouver Island University Certificate or Vancouver Island University Credits.

The following programs/courses are available for Dual Credit:
Trades Programs

  • Automotive Service Technician – Foundation Level 1
  • Culinary Arts – Apprenticeship Level 1
  • Carpentry – Foundation Level 1
  • Hairdressing
  • Welding – Foundation

For more information please contact Jim Palm, Career Education Coordinator, Brooks Secondary School at 604-483-3171 or an advisor at Vancouver Island University at 604-485-2878.

Short-Term Certification Options


English Academic Skills Experience (EASE)
Campus and Community English Immersion Program
Sustainable Leisure Management MA Program Preparation View brochure

Funding Opportunities

The following are links for Apprenticeship grants and tax credits

See http://www.itabc.ca/grants-tax-credits/grants. $1000 Apprenticeship Incentive Grants (AIGs) are available for first two years of Red Seal apprenticeships.

See list of AIG requirements here.

After that, tax credits are available. Tax credits are also available for non-Red-Seal apprenticeship programs.


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