NEW! Job Options Coming Soon

joboptionsThumbHomepageThis January Career Link will run another intake of Job Options. The new and improved program will consist of 6 weeks of workshops on career planning, life skills and job readiness.

Following the in-class learning segment of the program, participants will complete 4 weeks of work placements and continued job-search guidance.

Participants will also receive short-term certificate training such as:

  • Food Safe
  • First Aid
  • World Host
  • Serving it Right

The actual certificates received will depend on the needs of the employment goals of the participant. The program will start in early-mid January and the exact start dates are to be determined. Eligible participants should be 18 years of age or older and not eligible for EI.

Employers who are looking for staff will find that there are many benefits to hiring Job Options participants. Program participants will have recently completed a range of training and will be well prepared for new working environments. Also, employers can cut down on training expenses by taking advantage of wage subsidy, or temporary volunteer work placements.

Anyone interested in applying to Job Options or hiring a program participant can contact the program coordinator, Nicole Townsend, at or by phone at 604.485.7958

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