My Next Job Workshop is for YOU



Most people prove to be dedicated and committed job seekers.  There are, however, strategies based on established marketing techniques that may prove helpful in convincing employers to choose you as their next employee.

My Next Job is a free, value packed 3 day workshop that explores these techniques and helps participants develop a plan of action to find the right employer and then land the job.

Topics include:

  • The Hidden Job Market
    • 80 – 85% of jobs people get have never been advertised.  So how did they find those jobs?  Learn how to find and then approach employers that you would like to work for and for whom you know you would be an asset.
  • Networking Strategies
    • Many Career Link clients tell us that they got jobs through networking.  Learn why acquaintances are more important than friends and family when networking.
  • Marketing Yourself to Employers
    • Learn what Nike sales campaigns have to teach us about job searching.
  • Approaching Employers
    • Feel awkward making those cold calls to employers?  Not sure how to set up an informational interview (or even why you would)?  Writing scripts and preparing lists of questions to ask so that you can make those calls smoothly are part of the workshop.
  • Identifying and Describing Transferable Skills and Attributes
    • How will your resume and your elevator pitch demonstrate that you are a good fit for the employer?  Whether you have limited work experience or a lot, it’s important to be able to pick out the skills and attributes that are relevant to the work you are looking for right now.
  • Interviews
    • Most job seekers are ready and able to answer questions about their skills, but what about those behavioural questions, attitude or character questions, or questions such as, ‘Tell me about a weakness you have.’?  Prepare answers to these and other common interview questions in the workshop.
  • Contact Career Link to register today! Drop on by or call us at 604.485.7958 or register online.

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