Heath Care Job Search Tips!

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Click  above to visit the Heath Match BC web site

The province of BC, through the Health Match BC program, is currently recruiting physicians and facilitating the recruitment of registered nurses and allied health professionals on behalf of BC’s publicly-funded health care facilities. If you are a health professional seeking employment, or a health care facility in British Columbia hiring qualified professionals, they can help. View their video encouraging people in the medical fields to move to rural BC.

Other Opportunities:

Visit the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) website for list of jobs for current VCH employees and medical staff, as well as postings open to external applicants. Even if you do not hold a medical degree, but especially if you are pursing one, there are usually a few jobs listed that may suit you. Recent postings include Staffing Clerks, Activity Worker/Drivers, and Manages of Home Health Services , that tend toward the not strictly medical side of things.

In addition, there are pharmacy and lab jobs as well as Maintenance/Management fall under the Fraser Health Authority that, for example currently has a job postings for an Electrician/Maintenance Worker.

Remember that laundry services at the Powell River Hospital and related organizations are managed through K-Bro Linen.

It really is worth remembering that companies that specialize in one type of product or service always need people who can handle aspects like driving, maintenance, clerical duties, legal and accounting duties, management roles, and more. And once you are working for an organization such as Vancouver Coastal Health, your prospects for mobility within the organization are vastly improved as you will now often have access to internal job postings as well.

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