Coastal Postings: A Look Back at March’s Job Postings



 Sectors positions advertised  in each sector via Career Link
Accommodations 8
Administration & Business Support 2
Agriculture,Animals,Aquaculture 10
Construction 13
Education 3
Finance 2
Food Services 22
Forestry 0
Health Care 15
Information/Culture 7
Manufacturing 0
Other Services (non-Gov’t) 9
Professional Services 3
Public Administration 6
Recreation and Sports 1
Retail Trade 24
Social Assistance 3
Transportation 1

Totals March 2015:

  • 113 job postings (64 postings with Career Link, 49 external postings); 
  • 129 positions were offered in  March 2015 across all postings.

Previous yearly statistics for March for job postings:

  • March 2014: 101 total (73 postings with Career Link; 28 outside)
  • March 2013: 22 postings with Career Link
  • March 2012: 43 postings with Career Link
  • March 2011: 58 postings with Career Link
  • March 2010: 45 postings with Career Link
  • March 2009: 52 postings with Career Link


VIU’s Early Childhood Education Program

Click on poster to view larger version
Click on poster to view larger version

537_ECE (5)

The Powell River campus of Vancouver Island University (VIU) is rolling out an Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC) program that will train people to enter the workforce as early childhood educators. The program will be starting in September 2015.

This week, on April 1st and 2nd the university will hold three information sessions to introduce the ECEC program to potential students.

Early childhood educators plan and organize activities for preschool and school aged children. They are employed in child-care centers, kindergartens, nursery schools and other areas where childhood education is important. Currently the field is seen as a growing competitive job market with 97% of the workforce employed being female (according to Work BC statistics).  Average salaries run from $11,000 to $33,000 yearly.

You require a clear criminal record check for entrance into the industry. Workers in the industry are also required to apply for an ECE licence that can be gained after the completion of the ECEC program. This license will have to be renewed every five years.

Click here for more information about the career path of an early childhood educator, or visit the ECEC program home page on the VIU website.

We managed to catch up with Alison Taplay, the disability studies coordinator at VIU, to ask a few questions about the ECEC program and the upcoming information sessions.


  • How many students will be in the ECEC Program?
    The ECEC program can accept up to 30 students.
  • What is the length of the program? How much time will be spent in a practicum?
    The program will run over two years – from September 2015 to June 2017. Within the two years there are three practica totalling 500 hours.
  • Why an ECEC program in Powell River now?
    There has not been an ECEC graduating class in Powell River since 2003 so there is now a shortage of ECEC providers in our community. Faced with a retiring work force, Child Care centers report they are unable to recruit qualified workers. Many centers have a retiring work force and are seeking new employees. As well, there are insufficient day care seats in the community, especially for infants and toddlers and for families needing after school care so there is opportunity for entrepreneurs to open their own family home or community based centers. For these reasons, the ECEC Powell River branch has been advocating for an ECEC course in Powell River.
  • What will people learn about at the information sessions?
    People attending the information sessions will learn about the admission process and requirements, the courses that are part of the program, the timetable for the first year, what they should expect as students in terms of time commitment and study, and the student services available to support their success including financial advising. The Program Co-Chair, Sheila Grieve, as well as one of the Nanaimo instructors Danielle Alphonse are travelling from Nanaimo to attend the information sessions so it is a great opportunity to get first hand answers about the program. Danielle and Sheila will also be instructors in the first year so the information session is a nice opportunity to meet them as well.

Two information sessions will take place Wednesday April 1st at Tla’Amin Child Development and Resource Centre, from 1:30 – 2:30pm, and from 5:30 to 6:30pm. The third session will be on April 2nd from 1:30 to  3pm in Room 148 at the VIU Powell River campus.

ECEC Information Session Poster

Powell River Under Fibre

More fibre in your digital diet

The new wireless network of fibre optic cables that will be coming to Powell River under TELUS’s 3.757 million dollar initiative to update the infrastructure of Powell River, BC has spawned a lot of rumors, and after some investigation these were the answers to some of the big questions.

Will TELUS have the sole right to use the fibre optic cables?

Other companies such as Shaw will not be able to use the fibre optic lines. Shaw currently provides plans along the Sunshine Coast with up to 30 Mbps (Or megabits per second), and as their systems are different, they will not be able to take advantage of the new cables to provide a faster internet connection.  The conversation I had with a Shaw Cable employee over a live chat had this to say on the matter:

“********** (11:18:03):
“Our system operates differently from TELUS’s so we would not be using their lines, but our infrastructure already gets similar speeds [as compared to] their optic lines.”

What will be connection speeds be like with the new fibre optic system?

When I asked them about their fastest speeds however they elaborated with this:

“*********** (11:25:33):
” I’m not familiar with what their speeds are going to be there, but our highest is currently 30 Mbps, so they very well may have higher speeds after [the installation].”

TELUS’s new network does seem like it is the faster option, with packages offering up-to 100 Mbps via the new 3G network. However, it will not reach every home. As stated by Joseph McLean in an interview with the Powell River Peak, it seems that the general rule of thumb if you can see the ocean you should be able to gain access to the new network.

While hooking up to the new cables will be free to all homes and businesses, TELUS Canada’s monthly plans will determine how much of the new 3G network you will have access too. While their maximum signal will be an amazing 100 Mbps, the monthly cost of this network will be about $88 per month for a phone/internet package after the first 6 months, or $93 per month if you are only interested in high speed internet.

Of course, there will be no need for you to switch to a new internet provider if you’re not with TELUS, but don’t expect any other companies to start speeding up their service using the new cables.

How will Powell Riverites benefit from the higher speed network?

Here is a short promotional video on how the fibre optic network can increase business opportunities in our region and beyond.

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Job Fair this THURSDAY March 19 (11am-2pm) @ Rec Complex


Job seekers and employers: Don’t miss out on this once-a-year event. It’s FREE for all, and only employers attending need to register. There is still time to get your own table so call Rob now at 604.485.7958 or email

Confirmed Employers attending (as of Friday March 13, 2015)

  •  Vancouver Island University
  • Career Link
  • Powell River Employment Program Society
  • Shift Happens
  • Volunteer Powell River
  • Neil Squire Foundation
  • Service Canada
  • Tla’Amin First Nation
  • Tla’Amin Health
  • City of Powell River
  • Inclusion Powell River
  • Investor’s Group
  • Boardwalk Restaurant
  • 32 Lakes Coffee
  • Staples
  • Banking on It Bookkeeping
  • Independent Lifestyles Homecare Ltd.
  • Pacific Point Store
  • Coast Realty
  • Strive Living Society
  • Gourmet Canton
  • Coast Guard
  • Lund Hotel
  • Savoury Bight

Employer Profiles

Banking On It

“Banking On It” Bookkeeping is sole proprietorship owned and operated by Aaron Reid.  It was started in 2003 in order for Aaron to stay at home and still maintain and income while raising her family.  In the past 11 years, the company has grown to include one full-time employee and we are on the hunt for another part-time employee with the possibility of growing to full-time if the work load demands it.

Bookkeeping isn’t for everyone.  You must have a keen attention to detail, problem solving skills and an aptitude for numbers.  Also important is the ability to work well with a variety of different businesses and business people.  There are times you will need to work together as a team with your co-workers as well as be a motivated self-starter with the skills to work on your own.


Part time employee


Boardwalk Rest



City of Powell River

The City of Powell River is one of Powell River’s largest employers.  With approximately 120 full time employees, and up to 100 part time employees at any given time, a wide variety of jobs and careers can be pursued in the local government areas of administration, finance, engineering, planning, parks, recreation, culture, fire rescue, RCMP support services, roads, water, sewer, harbours, transit, and more!  Approximately 15% of our workforce will be retiring over the next five years so opportunities will be continuing.  In the spring, we often will be hiring seasonal or part-time workers for our parks, recreation programs, wharves and public works.  At the Career Link Job Fair, Human Resources staff will be on hand to provide details about different positions and careers at the City, both for current vacancies and future ones.  We look forward to meeting you!


In the spring, we often will be hiring seasonal or part-time workers for our parks, recreation programs, wharves and public works

Cost Realty Group

Coast Realty Group (Powell River) Ltd is a Full Serviced Real Estate Office with 14 Realtors and Property Rental Management Dept.  We are the largest office in Powell River with over 50% of the Market Share.  We love our Community and fully support it by being Sponsors in the Powell River Film Festival and The Powell River Kings along with numerous other charities, sports groups and events.  Our Mission Statement is “People.  Above All” and we are true to it.


We have a position open for a Real Estate Professionals–

Work in the real estate business can be a rewarding fulfilling career both financially and personally, but there are no guarantees in this service-based business.   As a Realtor, you rely on your skills to develop a client base and to complete sales; your income is based on commission with no guarantees.  A Successful Realtor is Ethical; Flexible; Patient, Organized; Ambitious; Self-motivated; Service –oriented; generous; Practical and Dedicated.

Investors Group


Financial Consultant and Administrative Assistant: Maternity Leave

Inclusion PR

Inclusion Powell River is an award winning organization, well known for its contributions to the lives of people who have intellectual disabilities and to the Powell River community


We are seeking motivated and energetic individuals with a balance of empathy and self-confidence for casual employment in the following programs:

  • Outreach
  • Employment Support
  • Residential Services
  • Child & Family Services

Supported Child Development

Lakes Coffee Roasters


Lakes Coffee Roasters is a local coffee roasting company focusing on the art of specialty coffee. From ongoing selection of the finest green beans, individual roast profiling, and brewing using excellent equipment and knowledge, we believe that we can always improve and strive to do so daily.


Lakes Coffee Roasters is looking for a new member to join our team as an inspired and creative barista. Preference will be given to those sharing a like-minded appreciation of specialty coffee and natural ability in customer service. Eligibility for the provincial governments’ summer student grant will also be an asset.

The current position would extend from mid-April to August at approximately 30hours/week.

The Historic Lund Hotel

The Lund Hotel is right in the heart of the Lund Community. We are a historic hotel built in 1905 with 31 rooms and also operate our pub and dining room, general store, gas dock and a tour boat. Because Lund is primarily a tourism destination the Hotel is extremely seasonal which means every season. If you do not want to commute we have staff accommodations available in our hotel. Great for students looking for work during the summer season before school starts in September.


We are looking for new employers to join us for the summer season. We will be looking for front desk supervisor, front desk staff, housekeepers, janitors, servers, bartenders, gas dock attendants, cooks, deli cooks, tour operators and general store attendants.



Organization representative:  Karin Glassford – Program Manager

Strive Living Society, formerly Howe Sound Rehabilitation Service Society, provides a range of services to people living with physical and cognitive disabilities.  We are looking for great team players who are willing to partner with individuals of diverse abilities to lead healthy, fulfilling lives by providing a foundation of support.


We are taking applications for Support Workers and Home Share Providers.



VIU where you have access to a Variety of Information that can help yoU can build on skills and knowledge for certificates, diplomas and degrees in programs and careers from Aluminum Boat Building and Applied Business Technology Political Studies, Welding , Wine Business Management  and much more in-between.

WE can get you into VIU

Study here in Powell River, or e – commute by video and online studies for courses in the Health and Human Services field, English, Sociology and Psychology or consider upgrading English and Math skills.

VIU helps you make connections

VIU stays in touch with local employers in order to provide new graduates with up to -date and relevant skills and information for the work force of today .

Tips on how to access the hidden job market

Hidden Job Market

          What is the so-called ‘Hidden Job Market’?

The hidden job market is a term used to describe jobs that aren’t posted online or advertised. Job seekers can tap the hidden job market by using networking connections to help find unadvertised job openings.

Many employers choose to hire internally or through their professional network to avoid the lengthy process of open online applications. Instead of posting a job opening, some employers will choose other alternatives such as going through a recruiting firm, headhunters, and referrals from current employees.

It is possible to find these opportunities as a potential applicant by:

  • Expanding your network connections and
  • Revealing your professional objectives

Employers are finding that when they list an opening on a free job board, the number of unqualified applicants that reply overwhelms them, and they wind up spending untold hours and resources trying to screen each candidate. “Therefore, it is much easier for them to look on social media platforms for good candidates for their open position. They can screen applicants on LinkedIn and Google+ and other platforms without excessive costs.

Who’s in your network?

Make a list of people you know and trust who might have connections to places you’d like to work. To get you started, here’s a list of people you could consider as part of your network:

Using your network

Once you’ve identified people in your network, contact each one of them individually to let them know you’re looking for work and to ask if they know of any available jobs. They might not know of any opportunities right away, but it’s always helpful to put the fact that you’re looking for a job on their radar.

The beauty of networking is that the people in your network also have networks of their own. When you talk to the people in your network, it’s always a good idea to ask if they know of anyone else you could talk to about job opportunities.

This might seem obvious, but remember to be polite and professional. Good networkers share in the lives of others by giving and receiving information, advice, support, and commitment. It’s important to find a healthy balance between natural conversation and being clear and direct about what you’re looking for, without coming across too strong or pushy.

Expanding your network

Networking is all about leveraging relationships, so if you want to expand the network of people you’re currently connected to, all you need to do is get to know more people!

Here are some ways you can expand your professional networks:

Volunteer and join associations

A great way to learn new skills, gain work experience, and meet new people is through volunteering. Many groups and associations can help you meet people in a particular industry or area of interest. Check out the following page for more information on volunteering:

Contact potential employers

Make a list of places where you’d like to work or people you’d like to work for. Find their contact information online and, if they don’t have a job-posting section, you can phone the personnel department or a hiring manager to discuss any potential openings.

Even if they don’t have openings at the time, they might keep you in mind when an opening does become available, or they might know of someone else who is looking to hire.


Informational interviews

The information interview can be a useful way to find out more about the kind of industry or company you would like to work for. While this technique is not designed for finding a job, the contacts you make may lead you to job openings.

Fred Coon, an author, licensed employment agent, and CEO of Stewart, Cooper & Coon, says experts estimate that between 80% and 85% of all jobs openings are unlisted. (Read more:

15 tips for networking

  1. Know what you have to offer. Do a skills inventory to help you learn what you have to offer an employer.
  2. Make connections. Think about what kind of job you want, and identify people in your network who can help get you closer to your goal; Talk to insiders. “Try to talk with executives in various companies and industries to learn what is happening in their spaces so you know where to align your career path as well as your job-search efforts,” he says. “Your next great opportunity may be in a space you never thought possible, but you’ll never know if you don’t explore.”
  3. Think about what you want to say. Before calling an employer, prepare a blurb you’re comfortable with. For example: “Hello, my name is (add your name here). I understand that your company does (add the field of activity of your business here), and that’s my area of career interest. I was wondering if you had any current job openings.”
  4. Refresh their memory. When contacting acquaintances you haven’t been in contact with for a while, help jog their memory by letting them know who you are and how they know you.
  5. Be yourself. Networking is all about building relationships. Don’t pretend to be someone else; your healthiest and strongest relationships are often the ones where you are completely yourself.
  6. Be humble. Focus on sharing what you have to offer, not bragging.
  7. Manners count. Be polite. People are more likely to do a favour for someone nice and tactful than someone who comes across as pushy.
  8. Follow up, but don’t be annoying. Following up on conversations or opportunities is a good idea. Nagging? Not so much.
  9. Join industry-related groups. Join associations, Chambers of Commerce, meet-up groups, Toastmasters, etc., and start building contacts before you need them, Coon says. “Consider volunteering to give a talk at a meeting of one of these entities, as this is a great way to get noticed.”
  10. Establish yourself as a source of information in your industry. Send each of your individual contacts within your network links to articles of interest once or twice a year, Coon suggests. “When you send these links, keep your email short: ‘Saw this and thought you might be interested…’ This way, your name becomes associated with good information and you are seen as a valuable, well-read resource.”
  11. Pay attention to the news. Stay on top of any local business journals and TV news for information on what’s happening with companies in your area. “If you hear someone interviewed on news-radio, send them a note that you appreciated what they had to say and would like to get together over coffee to learn more,” Coon says.
  12.  Search company “Careers” pages. “Research and target companies you are interested in — most companies will post on their own website and never go to outside job boards or recruiters.” In fact, many companies have internal referral programs in place, so existing employees make referrals and thereby eliminate the need for the company to conduct a formal search.
  13.  Build and maintain relationships with recruiters. “The best way to do this is to update your resume every few months so you can send the latest version to them,” Coon says.
  14.  Use LinkedIn wisely. Keep your profile up-to-date, and refresh it regularly. “Join groups and participate in discussions so people become familiar with your name and may seek you out,” he says. “Remember, recruiters and companies often purchase memberships that give them a ‘back door’ to see who is active in their field and what they are saying, so be certain to keep your discussions positive and constructive.”
  15.  Target carefully. Pick the companies where you would like to work; do your homework on why you want to work there; and identify those things that you can relate to and like about the company.

Then, do your research to identify the decision makers, or people high up enough in the company to know the decision makers, and connect with them on LinkedIn. “Send them something of value: an article or anything that would help them, not you,” he says. “And don’t ask them for anything in your first few communications.” says Coon.


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