Powell River Under Fibre

More fibre in your digital diet

The new wireless network of fibre optic cables that will be coming to Powell River under TELUS’s 3.757 million dollar initiative to update the infrastructure of Powell River, BC has spawned a lot of rumors, and after some investigation these were the answers to some of the big questions.

Will TELUS have the sole right to use the fibre optic cables?

Other companies such as Shaw will not be able to use the fibre optic lines. Shaw currently provides plans along the Sunshine Coast with up to 30 Mbps (Or megabits per second), and as their systems are different, they will not be able to take advantage of the new cables to provide a faster internet connection.  The conversation I had with a Shaw Cable employee over a live chat had this to say on the matter:

“********** (11:18:03):
“Our system operates differently from TELUS’s so we would not be using their lines, but our infrastructure already gets similar speeds [as compared to] their optic lines.”

What will be connection speeds be like with the new fibre optic system?

When I asked them about their fastest speeds however they elaborated with this:

“*********** (11:25:33):
” I’m not familiar with what their speeds are going to be there, but our highest is currently 30 Mbps, so they very well may have higher speeds after [the installation].”

TELUS’s new network does seem like it is the faster option, with packages offering up-to 100 Mbps via the new 3G network. However, it will not reach every home. As stated by Joseph McLean in an interview with the Powell River Peak, it seems that the general rule of thumb if you can see the ocean you should be able to gain access to the new network.

While hooking up to the new cables will be free to all homes and businesses, TELUS Canada’s monthly plans will determine how much of the new 3G network you will have access too. While their maximum signal will be an amazing 100 Mbps, the monthly cost of this network will be about $88 per month for a phone/internet package after the first 6 months, or $93 per month if you are only interested in high speed internet.

Of course, there will be no need for you to switch to a new internet provider if you’re not with TELUS, but don’t expect any other companies to start speeding up their service using the new cables.

How will Powell Riverites benefit from the higher speed network?

Here is a short promotional video on how the fibre optic network can increase business opportunities in our region and beyond.

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