Adult Basic Education Funding


There is an application for a grant for adult upgrading which can be found by following this link

It has replaced the old ABESAP( Adult Basic Education Assistance Program) and is based on income from line 150 on income tax form (total income) and size of family unit.

What is available?

It provides grants based on financial need to help with costs like tuition fees, books, supplies, transportation, and unsubsidized childcare costs.

  • Students on income assistance will still be eligible for free upgrading as well as some people who are low income.
  • The grant will cover everything but the application fee which is $37.00.
  • The application can be completed online or downloaded and completed by hand. VIU will help students complete the form if necessary.  If you do not qualify for the grant, cost per course is $320.00 plus student activity fee.

Am I eligible?

You may be eligible if you are:

  • an adult
  • attending a public post-secondary institution in B.C.
  • enrolled in skills upgrading or education and training courses like:
    • Adult basic education
    • Adult special education
    • English as a second language

How do I apply?

This program is available if you are attending B.C. public post-secondary institution that has been approved to administer Adult Upgrading Grant funding. Please download and complete the application form that is available on this page. Once complete, you are required to print, sign and submit the application form to the Financial Aid Office at your post-secondary institution. Should you require further assistance, please contact the Financial Aid Office at your post-secondary institution.

Download the ABE Grant Application form here.



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