Social Media for Job Search — FREE Workshop Tues Feb 1!

Social-Media-and-the-job-searchCareer Link we be putting on its second Social Media for Success workshop on Tuesday,  February 2nd, from 1pm-4pm.  There was a lot of positive feedback last time this workshop was held in September, and we’re  hoping to have a full class and lots of group discussion.

I thought I would provide an overview of what is discussed in the workshop!

Here are the workshop objectives:

  • To leverage social media to improve job search success
  • To understand online presence and its impact on job search
  • To assist job seekers with setting up a Linked-in Account (if wanted)

Here are some topics and activities we cover:

  • Social Media – How is it defined?  What are examples? Impacts on our personal life? Impacts on Job Search?
  • Employers and Social Media – Are employers using social media? How are they using social it? What are they looking for?
  • Online Presence – What does that mean? Public vs private information?  Is making social media the right choice for you?
  • Google Ourselves – We take some time to search for our own names, and see what kind of information we find
  • Job Seekers and Social Media – How can you leverage social media for job search?  What sites could you use?
  • A look at various social medias – Linked-in, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.
  • Setup a Linked-in Profile – The last hour is mostly focused on Linked-in, and clients can opt-in or opt-out of making a profile


Visit Career Link (#103, 4511 Marine Ave) call us at 604.485.7958 or sign up online!

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