Social Media Workshop (FREE)

Social-Media-and-the-job-searchDue to popular demand, Career Link’s Brodie D’Angio will again host a Social Media workshop, specific to job search on April 5, 1-4pm at Career Link (you must register for this free workshop in person, by phone at 604.485.7958 or via our online form.

The workshop objectives:

  • Understand what is Social Media and how to leverage it to improve job search
  • Discuss Online Presence that results from social media, news stories, messages boards, etc. and it’s impact on job search
  • Clients google themselves and see what their current online presence looks like
    • We will discuss some basic googling techniques to improve search results
  • If client’s require/want, help secure any obvious and easy to fix privacy issues (i.e. Publically open Facebook profile)
  • Assist with creating or updating a Linkedin profile (Optional, but encouraged)
    • Discuss the usefulness of Linkedin (Networking, Job Search, Head Hunting, LMI, Informational Interviews, etc.)
    • Discuss how clients can maintain/improve their profiles

What you will need:

  • Preferably clients will have some basic computer skills (but not completely necessary)
  • A digital copy of your resume (we’re going to use their current resume as the basis of their Linkedin Account)


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