The Census is Coming

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Articles of interest regarding the census:

Starting May 2, 2016, Statistics Canada will send census letters and packages to all Canadian households.

You can complete your census questionnaire online or on paper.

Census of Agriculture

The next Census of Agriculture will take place in May 2016.

The Census of Agriculture collects information on every agricultural operation in Canada. Starting May 2, 2016, agricultural operators who intend to sell at least one agricultural product are required to complete a Census of Agriculture questionnaire.

The Census of Agriculture can be completed online or on paper.

My Census Reminder

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Sign up to receive an email reminder when it’s time to complete your census questionnaire.

Latest news: Collection begins in First Nations communities across Canada

Although the census begins in May 2016 across most of the country, census representatives will visit households in First Nations communities in April to complete census questionnaires with local residents. Census information is vital for planning services such as housing, employment, education, health care and other initiatives related to the well-being of residents in First Nations communities.

Census questionnaires will be completed by personal interview.

The census questions have been translated into 11 Aboriginal languages, allowing respondents to read them in their own language.

Census spotlight

Census jobs

Image of man and woman shaking hands.Join the census team and make a lasting contribution to Canada and its people. Apply now.

Census information in many languages

Image of books and a green apple.

View information about the census translated into 11 languages. Also view the census questions translated into 22 languages, including 11 Aboriginal languages.

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