WCB needed for Odd Jobs?

Career Link contacted Worksafe BC on behalf of a client.  He was curious whether a homeowner needs insurance coverage to hire an odd job labourer.  (Paint a fence, mow a lawn, etc)  Below is the policy response I received.  Essentially, you don't if they are going to do less than 24hrs work total on the project.  You... Continue Reading →

Coastal Postings: A Look Back at April 2016

Accommodations 19 Administration/business support 4 Agriculture/animals/aquaculture 2 Construction 10 Education 6 Finance 3 Food services 40 Forestry 2 Health care 18 Information/Culture 5 Manufacturing 6 Other services non-gov't 20 Professional Services 2 Public Administration 7 Recreation and Sports 5 Retail Trade 19 Social Assistance 15 Transportation 2 Utilities 1  Job postings in April 2016  151... Continue Reading →

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