Coastal Postings: September 2017

Accommodations 1 Agriculture/Aquaculture 2 Construction 9 Education 3 Finance 1 Food services 23 Health care 5 Information/Culture 3 Manufacturing 4 Mining/Quarrying 3 Other services non-gov't 12 Public Administration 3 Recreation & Sports 1 Retail Trade 18 Social Assistance 2 Transportation 4  Total # of job postings recorded by Career Link  74  Total # of individual... Continue Reading →

A Modern Education: Online training

By Melany Hallam Years ago, when I worked in continuing education, pretty much every program we offered was available only in the classroom. Students and administrators alike used to be a bit suspicious of the legitimacy of an online course compared with face-to-face learning. Things have changed a lot since then, and that’s great news... Continue Reading →

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