8 Steps to a successful job fair

By Melany Hallam Spring is job fair season – the time of year when many Powell Riverites begin looking for summer employment. Job fairs are a great idea in theory, but successfully getting hired as the result of one takes planning and a lot of work. Here are some ideas to get you started: Do... Continue Reading →

Team Building: The Why & How

History, present and the future trends of team building activities The history of team building goes back to the late 1920 and early 1930 with the Hawthorne Studies, which were conducted by Elton Mayo and Fritz Roethlisberger with the workers at the Hawthorne plant of the Western Electric Company, were part of an emphasis on socio-psychological aspects of... Continue Reading →

Links to Out of Town Camp Jobs

As prepared by Career Link Counsellor Francene Ross see also: http://www.jobsearchonline.bc.ca/LookingForWork/jobbanks.html  Camp Services ptigroup.com royalcamp.com canadanorthcamp.com frontiercatering.ca westerncampservices.com https://www.blueskyrecruiting.com http://landseacamps.com First Aid alphasafety.net frontierfirstaid.ca hesintegrated.com ipsems.com jbandstar.com mountainviewsafety.com onsitemedical.ca pridesafetyandmedical.ca remotemedicalservice.com Oil Field Hauling/Trucking Companies canwestpropance.com swanbergbros.com swoprojects.com/principle/ Site Preparation Companies http://www.commandequipment.com focus.ca suncor.com Site C Dam:  https://www.sitecproject.com/ General toughnecks.com skilledworkers.com Mining miscojobs.com northernminerjobs.com mining.bc.ca Northern BC... Continue Reading →

Join BladeRunners- Extended Deadline!

Please inquire as soon as possible. To discuss becoming a BladeRunner, please contact Sara Beauregard at sara@careerlinkbc.com or call at 604 485-7958. The new program Start date is January 22 and will run until February 16, 2018 What is BladeRunners? BladeRunners is one of the most successful youth employment programs in BC. It helps participants with multiple... Continue Reading →

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