Job Fair Tips for Employers

Job or Career Fairs are a great way to introduce your organization to a new audience of qualified and motivated candidates seeking career advancement opportunities. You will most likely have invested time and resources into your attendance to expand your organization’s talent pool and help forecast hiring needs, so best to prep before.

Are you a job seeker? Click here for tips for you, too!

jobfairHere are 10 tips to help you get the most out of your time investment:

1. Register with Career Link for a free table – click here or call Rob at 604.485.7958 with some information such as how many people will be attending for your organization, whether you will need a power outlet available, how much space you will need, etc.

2. Know your audience: Focus on promoting entry-level jobs and internships as these will be of greater interest to the folks most likely to attend; consider who the audience are and what their goals and areas of interest are likely to be in order to present them with the most relevant positions available. Don’t be afraid to ask the organizers re: potential applicant base.

3. Be prepared: Make sure whoever is manning your stand is fully informed: what vacancies are available (have flyers or business cards handy), information about your organization, the type of people you are looking for, and your hiring procedure. Be clear on why your organization is a great choice (e.g.  innovative research, mentoring opportunities, state-of-the-art equipment, work-life balance and culture are all non-salary related influences on a candidate’s job application choice).

4. Setting up: The most motivated applicants tend to arrive earliest. Make sure your stand is set up ahead of time and that the necessary members of staff are ready. Have printed or online versions of your vacancies for reference and don’t forget to bring plenty of business cards to make it easy for job seekers to follow up with you.

5. Attracting applicants: In addition to a professional-looking stand and engaging staff, a sure-fire way to generate interest among candidates is to bring flyers, branded giveaways and candy. A giveaway can be fun or useful, and is a good reminder of your organization after the event.

6. Appearances count: Don’t be shy! Come out from behind your table in order to make yourself more approachable and stand, don’t sit. Wear name tags, shake hands and dress as you would if you were conducting an interview.

7. First impressions:  Take time to talk to delegates even if they are not suitable for positions you have currently open. They may be of interest as candidates at a future point in their careers or even become clients or shoppers at your organization. A great first impression can set the tone for future conversations. You are the face of your organization and possibly the only point of contact the job seeker will ever have.

8. Start a conversation: Consider what your opening sentence will be; open questions and small talk work well as an introduction. Friendly and informative is sure to be effective.

9. Don’t disappoint: Try to avoid redirecting delegates to your website. Yes there’s a lot of information there, but remember that visitors come to a career fair to engage with organizations face-to-face.

10. After the fair: You’ll have a list of names and contact details for candidates that you’re interested in. Devise a plan for following up with them. First step: ensure they receive a brief email or phone call thanking them for their interest. When delegates contact you, ensure you respond quickly and personally to reinforce the positive image you worked hard to create at the fair.


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