Powell River Housing Search Tips

You don’t have to wander far to hear talk of the housing shortage in Powell River. And while the new housing boom enters its second full year, there is still a lack of spaces for rent or to buy, for that matter. Prices have increased accordingly, as demand has increased. Year on year, for the past three or four years,  housing costs have risen by about 30% . The local government and the market are responding as fast as they can with more units, changes in carriage house bylaws, and more. But if you need housing now, and especially low-cost housing, it’s more than a bit of a challenge. Additionally, with new ventures opening up like Sante Veritas Cannabis production, more people will be moving to Powell River very soon, so more competition for quality housing is on its way.

Whether you are new to Powell River or not, housing is a pressing issue. You need to figure out :

1- Where and how do you want to live? It sounds obvious, but for example, is living in a rural area actually appropriate for you, or will you need to live in town; internet access and limited public transit could be part of your decision.

While a rural setting might seem idyllic (and cheaper), if you’re from a bigger city, it could prove a challenge, whether you are on your own, with a partner or family. Spend some time north or south of town and see if you can picture yourself living there year-round. Are there areas for personal interaction, shops, schools, and other amenities you may require? Living in town is more expensive but do factor in the lifestyle and travel costs before you make your decision.

Things in town are changing quickly so it would make sense to get some opinions on the near future of Powell River from people you trust. Career Link can help you figure out a lot as well, so if you are looking for work or to start a business, drop on by and chat with us. We frequently update our social media outlets with local news, jobs and events that can lead you to some useful information.

2- Do you have the resources to buy and/or to renovate? There is more out there for sale than for rent. How much money you have to set up a down payment, and  how much income you can put aside for housing costs? Livability is always relative to your income and to the lifestyle you wish to lead. That a similar home in Vancouver costs 1.5 million dollars should not mean that you suddenly can afford the local $500,000 price tag, if your income here is not adequate to sustain the payments. Typical wages in Powell River can be considerably lower than on the mainland, and costs like fuel and groceries tend to be higher.

3- Is there a possibility of sharing a home or apartment? Are you able to take some time off work to renovate an older home by yourself or with limited help? Labour costs are high now, especially in view that worker availability is low. Assuming you have a place in mind, would it make more sense to rent for a while and see how it goes, especially if you’re new to town and have not secured employment yet? Is sharing a home an option, or investing in a home with a second suite/mortgage helper? You could advertise for roommates via Craiglist or a flyer/ad, for example.

4- Check out the listings for sale (via MLS) they have a mortgage calculator where you can see if buying may be possible for you. Check out the current rentals at:

Other options:

Life Cycle Housing

Housing Hope In need of a helping hand? Are you struggling to make ends meet when it comes to the basic necessities? Housing hope is here to help! We provide short-term supports to individuals and families to enable them to secure housing. You can contact us by phone or email. If you are doing you best to succeed we will do our best to help!

Phone or text: 604-223-2853

Email: housinghopepowellriver@gmail.com

Other resources:

Seventh Day Adventist Church—Career Closet

4880 Manson Avenue

604-485-7106 (call ahead) Offering work-appropriate clothing provided to those in need

Crisis Supplement

Subject to limitations set out in regulation, a crisis supplement may be available to provide recipients who face unexpected emergency needs with a one-time payment to prevent imminent danger to their physical health or the removal of a child under the Child, Family and Community Service Act.


Free & Low Cost Food Map


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