September is WorkBC Disability Month

4293_WorkBC_Disability Month_Poster (002)

  • Make inclusive hiring a priority for your business this Sept during Disability Employment Month ly/RvXWq #WorkBC #AccessibleBC
  • Celebrate Disability Employment Month! Make your business more inclusive this Sept. Tips and tools: ly/RvXWq #WorkBC #AccessibleBC
  • Hiring employees with disabilities is good for business. Get on board with resources at ly/RvXWq, #WorkBC #AccessibleBC
  • Resources and tips from #WorkBC to help you hire a diverse workforce: ly/RvXWq #AccessibleBC
  • Ready, willing and able to work? Employment services for ppl w/disabilities: ly/RvXWq #WorkBC #AccessibleBC
  • Supporting employment opportunities for ppl w/disabilities through education, training and technology, ly/RvXWq #WorkBC #AccessibleBC
  • Need a job aid to help you work? @NeilSquireSoc offers assistive technology for ppl w/disabilities, ly/Rw1am #AccessibleBC
  • @WorkBC is hosting events to celebrate Disability Employment Month. Find a #WorkBC Centre near you, ly/Rw1xp #AccessibleBC
  • Hiring people with disabilities is smart. If you’re looking for good staff, check out @AccessibleEmployers. If you’re looking for work, reach out to @WorkBC. #AccessibleBC #inclusion



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