Planning for work throughout the winter and beyond: Ski Resort and Tree Planting Profiles

Planning for work throughout the winter and beyond:Ski Resort and Tree Planting Profiles

Types of work typically available, with many having live-in options.

  • Ski/ Snowboard Instructors/ Valets/ Ski Lift Operators
  • Hotel Guest Services/ Front Desk, Room Attendants, Hosts
  • Shuttle Bus Drivers, Material Handlers
  • Culinary Team Members, Servers/Bussers, and Bartending
  • Laundry and Cleaning Staff, Dishwashers
  • Lift operators, Snow Makers/ Groomers and Groundskeepers, and Facility Maintenance
  • Entertainment, Social Media
  • Spa/Massage/ Physical Therapy Workers
  • Shippers/Receivers
  • Human resources and accounting staff
  • Medical attendants/ Safety workers


Work in Reforestation: Tree Planting (BC)

As a recent article suggested, due to the wildfires throughout BC in recent years (and other extreme weather conditions), there is a greater demand for tree planters than there has been for a while. It’s very tough work and not for everyone, but worth a look.


B.C. forests face worker shortage as demand for reforestation soars 

Dave Robinson is no rookie tree planter.

After a steady campaign planting nearly 300,000 trees across B.C., Alberta and Quebec this year, the veteran planter says he earned about $30,000 for 95 days of work.

“I like working in the field, and I like generating wealth,” said Robinson when asked why he keeps returning to what’s often described as a grueling job. Read more.

One good resource is the website, as is and Facebook 

They provide links to many reforestation companies (click below)

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