Wrapping your head around a resume again


It’s been a while since you had to put together a resume, huh?

It can certainly be daunting to attack resume writing from scratch, in terms of recalling your past jobs and skills, deciding what is relevant and researching current resume styles, never mind the technical skills needed to produce a Word document, pdf, scanning certificates, letters of recommendation, etc.

Remember that Career Link offers a FREE Resume workshop every Thursday from 12:30pm-3:30pm in Powell River, BC. Call us at 604.485.7958 to register or do it online at https://careerlinkbc.com/calendar.php  You will notice other workshops like Basic Computers, Interview Skills, The Modern Job Hunt,  The Art of Applying for Jobs Online and Cover Letter workshops. Feel free to sign up for these as well.
Also, our friendly drop-in Career Lab Advisors Kori and Giovanni can help you with any technical issues, including helping you to find appropriate job postings or with applying online. We are available on a drop-in basis Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.
Feel you need some extra help with your career plans, such as more training? Contact Career Link to set up an appointment with a Career Counsellor (604.485.7958)

Here are some tips on how to get back into the swing of things. 

  1. Make a skills inventory and identify your transferable skills and think about your hidden skills (this is where a Career Counsellor can really help too!)

Everything you learn and every skill you have is part of your personal tool kit. You carry these “tools” with you as you move through school and into the job market. When you develop a skill or gain experience in one place and put what you’ve learned to use someplace else, you’re using transferable skills.

Look through the following lists and check off every skill that you think you have.

Key skills – I can:

  • __ meet deadlines
  • __ supervise others
  • __ solve problems
  • __ teach others and give clear instructions
  • __ manage people
  • __ organize and manage projects
  • __ speak in public
  • __ accept responsibility
  • __ plan daily work or special events
  • __ follow instructions
  • __ generate creative solutions to problems

Hands-on skills – I can:

  • __ assemble kits
  • __ build or repair things
  • __ work well with my hands
  • __ operate tools or machinery
  • __ use complex equipment
  • __ drive or operate vehicles
  • __ inspect and maintain equipment or vehicles

Data/information skills – I can:

  • __ make a budget, manage money
  • __ record facts, classify information by date
  • __ analyze data, audit and maintain records
  • __ check information for accuracy
  • __ pay attention to details
  • __ investigate and clarify results
  • __ locate answers, gather information
  • __ calculate or compute
  • __ evaluate
  • __ take inventory
  • __ keep financial records
  • __ research and write reports

Leadership skills – I can:

  • __ arrange meetings or social functions
  • __ be competitive when necessary
  • __ make decisions
  • __ direct the work of others
  • __ help set goals for my team
  • __ explain things to others
  • __ solve problems
  • __ motivate people
  • __ settle disagreements
  • __ plan activities and put them into action
  • __ take risks when necessary
  • __ organize and chair a meeting
  • __ show self-confidence

People skills – I can:

  • __ help and care for others
  • __ manage conflicts, resolve issues
  • __ counsel people
  • __ be tactful and diplomatic
  • __ interview people
  • __ be kind and understanding
  • __ be a good listener
  • __ negotiate
  • __ be outgoing
  • __ show patience
  • __ be pleasant and sociable
  • __ supervise, teach
  • __ be tough when necessary
  • __ trust people
  • __ trust my instincts

Creative/artistic skills – I can:

  • __ be artistic
  • __ write short stories or articles
  • __ draw or create other art
  • __ express myself through music, poetry, or art
  • __ design posters, draw cartoons and illustrations
  • __ perform and act
  • __ present artistic ideas
  • __ dance, create body movement
  • __ use computers to create presentations
  • __ design and lay out Web pages

Verbal/communication skills – I can:

  • __ clearly express myself
  • __ talk easily with others
  • __ create and talk about new ideas
  • __ design presentations
  • __ be inventive
  • __ conduct research in a library or on the Internet
  • __ set up my own network of experts or helpers
  • __ be logical
  • __ speak in public
  • __ write clear and concise reports
  • __ work well with others

Download our handy fill-in Resume Worksheet, print it out (or drop by Career Link for a printed copy), and take it with you to the workshops or to your next appointment!

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