Work/Life balance – It is what you think it is

By Melany Hallam Balance is a term that implies a weigh scale where the things being compared are equal. In the case of work/life balance, this would mean that the same amounts of time and energy are put into work, family and yourself every day. Generally, people decide to commit to creating “balance” in their... Continue Reading →

BladeRunners is Back in 2018!

What is BladeRunners? BladeRunners is one of the most successful youth employment programs in BC. It helps participants with multiple barriers to employment to successfully transition into the workplace. By providing essential certifications and personal guidance, BladeRunners helps to ensure participants have what it takes to get hired. This session of BladeRunners is geared towards... Continue Reading →

Coastal Postings: September 2017

Accommodations 1 Agriculture/Aquaculture 2 Construction 9 Education 3 Finance 1 Food services 23 Health care 5 Information/Culture 3 Manufacturing 4 Mining/Quarrying 3 Other services non-gov't 12 Public Administration 3 Recreation & Sports 1 Retail Trade 18 Social Assistance 2 Transportation 4  Total # of job postings recorded by Career Link  74  Total # of individual... Continue Reading →

Coastal Postings: April 2017

In April 2017… We had 93 job postings through Career Link and 29 found elsewhere = 122 total postings placed on our board 176 individual positions were offered. We had 26 job re-postings This is how the # of positions were distributed among the 122 postings: Accommodations 27 Administration & Business Support 4 Agriculture 4... Continue Reading →

BC Election Jobs – Adults & Youth

  Elections BC, a non-partisan Office of the Legislature, is recruiting election workers for the upcoming provincial general election. The province needs 25,000 election workers to work at voting places all over B.C. The majority of these positions will work on May 9, 2017, General Voting Day. Election workers are paid to attend training and... Continue Reading →

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