Career Changes at 40 (and beyond)

Forty-year-olds have many responsibilities that could make a work transition more difficult than changing careers at a younger age. At age 40, you are more likely to have children for whom you are financially responsible. You may have bought a house during the last few years and have a mortgage to pay. The average age of... Continue Reading →

Planning for work throughout the winter and beyond: Ski Resort and Tree Planting Profiles

Planning for work throughout the winter and beyond:Ski Resort and Tree Planting Profiles Types of work typically available, with many having live-in options. Ski/ Snowboard Instructors/ Valets/ Ski Lift Operators Hotel Guest Services/ Front Desk, Room Attendants, Hosts Shuttle Bus Drivers, Material Handlers Culinary Team Members, Servers/Bussers, and Bartending Laundry and Cleaning Staff, Dishwashers... Continue Reading →

Brainstorming new business ideas (Part 1)

You know you need to come up with a business idea, but where do you start? Is ‘loving’ to do something enough to lead you into a successful business? Think about the lifestyle you want, as this is going to directly affect the type of business you choose. If you want to be location independent, (maybe you... Continue Reading →

Beating ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

Error-prone applicant tracking systems destroy 75 percent of job seekers' chances of landing a job as soon as they submit their resumes. How can you get yours past the system? Career Link offers a free monthly workshop titled "Mastering the Art of Applying for Jobs Online". Call us to register at 604.485.7958 or Register here.  In... Continue Reading →

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