Brainstorming new business ideas (Part 2): Starting a small town business

While starting a new business in a big city means lots of competition, starting in a small town presents special challenges, too. Though you might not find dozens of companies selling similar products or services, you will encounter customers who might be set in their ways and reluctant to venture out into the unknown. With... Continue Reading →

By Maureen Latta Log truck drivers are a hardy, independent breed. Hauling trees out of the bush in blistering heat and blowing snow is demanding work. “Finding good, qualified people is one thing that’s plagued the industry for the last few years,” says Torey Wightman, Manager for A. Byrne Trucking Ltd.l He says financial incentives... Continue Reading →

Sector Councils and You

Defining it: What is a Sector Council? "Sector councils are industry-led partnership organizations that address skills development issues and implement solutions in key sectors of the economy.   Today’s global marketplace is changing at an unprecedented rate; dramatic shifts in the economy, large scale layoffs, recession, changing demographics and the pace of technological advancements combine to add pressure... Continue Reading →

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