Culinary Arts: This Fall at VIU

VIU WILL offer Culinary Arts this year Starts: Sept 12, 2017        Ends: Apr 6, 2018 They are still conducting interviews. There will be up to 10 (or more?) seats available for adults. Assessment is not needed IF person has documented Grade 12. Otherwise they need Assessment of Reading and Math VIU Advisors available for July:... Continue Reading →

What’s up at VIU Fall 2014

As we prepare to run off to summer jobs or holidays, it's a great time to set down some education and training plans for September! This week we offer a peek at what is on offer at Vancouver Island University (VIU)'s Powell River Campus. As we are simply compiling and relaying this information, it's best to check with... Continue Reading →

Summer Jobs 2013

It's that time of the year again, when the summer jobs start popping like cherry blossoms. Traditionally, apart from holiday relief work in retail (tip: Walmart and Safeway are hiring for multiple positions) and some manufacturing sectors (tip: Catalyst Paper is hiring students), the sectors that heat up with the temperatures include: Tourism/Food services (tourism guides,... Continue Reading →

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