Get Youth Working is Back!

Helping BC Youth improve existing skills and gain new ones through practical experience and training. Connecting BC Youth to employment opportunities.   The Program offers employers a $2,800 hiring incentive to hire eligible youth 15 to 29 years of age. Additionally, employers may request up to $1,000 to purchase training for the newly hired youth. Tel: (250)... Continue Reading →

Coastal Postings January 2015

  Total positions posted in January 2015: 87 Total Job postings in January 2015: 77 Accommodations 3 Administration & Business Support 0 Agriculture,Animals,Aquaculture 7 Arts 1 Construction 9 Education 2 Finance 5 Food Services 12 Forestry 0 Health Care 22 Information/Culture 2 Manufacturing 2 Other Services (non-Gov’t) 3 Professional Services 3 Public Administration 1 Recreation... Continue Reading →

A Career in Forest Firefighting

A forest fire can injure or kill animals, threaten towns and communities, emit pollutants into the air, and alter the soil and water. It can spread very quickly, and will destroy everything in its path. As a forest firefighter, it’s your job to minimize the damage that’s caused by a blaze like this one on... Continue Reading →

Summer Jobs to (Really) Watch Out For

Summer's almost here, and as scores of high school and post-secondary students rush into the job market, the risk of applying for a bogus job are heightened. Seasonal work provides students with a limited window of opportunity to work and save up some money for the rest of the year, so while you may be in 'gotta get a job' panic... Continue Reading →

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