Water Cooler December 2016: Are you ready to be your own boss?

by Melany Hallam Question: If you had the option, would you work for yourself? Yes / No / Maybe I’m my own boss and I love it, but it took many years to get to this point in my life. My writing and graphic design service didn’t materialize overnight. I worked as an employee for a... Continue Reading →

Agriculture in Powell River Now

Powell River, BC has always been agriculturally inclined. Even the Powell River (Paper Mill) Company modeled the Townsite on the Garden City Movement, that was "grounded in basic respect for the humanity of the individual worker and their family" and followed these 4 rules: The town was to be entirely preplanned. Homes for employees and... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Careers in Adventure & Accessible Tourism

Coming on the heels of our Earth Week special series of blog posts on "Green" jobs, this month in Career Sense we feature Adventure and Accessible Tourism as a "Green" career option. The Adventure Tourism industry is gaining in popularity all the time, and especially in smaller markets like Powell River, it is a notable seasonal career option that... Continue Reading →

“If you love it, others will too.” Karen Skadsheim on the process behind her successful business start-up

By Maureen Latta Townsite Brewing Owner Karen Skadsheim spoke with Career Sense about the process of developing a new business in Powell River. Townsite Brewing incorporated in 2010 and rolled out its first kegs in March 2012. The microbrewery’s beer won two BC Craft Beer Awards in its first year in operation, followed by another two... Continue Reading →

Powell River Employers: Career Link needs YOUR help. Take our quick survey today (you can win a prize!)

Calling all Powell River Employers: Career Link is hosting a job fair! Are you having trouble finding qualified, motivated employees? We can help you save both time and money while meeting your recruiting needs. Scheduled for early spring, this free event will bring together employers and jobseekers in a low-pressure, structured environment. Employers will benefit from free... Continue Reading →

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