Water Cooler: September 2016: Time for Trades

by Melany Hallam September 2016 Water Cooler Question: How many times have you changed careers? 0 / 1-3 / 4-7 / more than 7 Take the survey now. Click here A lawyer friend of mine once gave me a birthday card showing a crazed-looking guy running around a room flapping his arms in order to activate... Continue Reading →

Access Trade Training Programs

To work as a certified tradesperson, you need training combined with job experience. Trades training usually takes from one to five years. Most apprenticeship programs take four years. The technical training takes place in a classroom or shop setting at a public institution such as a college or institute or at an approved private training... Continue Reading →

Upskilling Opportunities

up·skill verb gerund or present participle: upskilling teach (an employee) additional skills. "this is an opportunity to upskill staff and expand their capabilities" (of an employee) learn additional skills. "they will provide grants of up to 75% for staff who decide to upskill"   Canada-B.C. Jobs Grant to provide $7 million for "upskilling" by JOC... Continue Reading →

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