Occupations with training lasting up to 12 months (grouped by skill level and job openings)

Occupations with training under 12 months (grouped by skill level and job openings) Data sources: 1. 2014 BC Median hourly wage rate is based on Job Bank data from ESDC; 2. Median employment income is based on the 2011 National Household Survey, for those with employment income 1 List of Top 100 Occupations in BC Occupation... Continue Reading →

My First Resume, My First Job.

Your résumé is one of the most important tools you have when looking for a job. This page will help you choose the right type of résumé for your situation. It will also provide you with tips to help you tailor your résumé to the job you’re applying for, and to make sure it stands... Continue Reading →

What’s up at VIU Fall 2014

As we prepare to run off to summer jobs or holidays, it's a great time to set down some education and training plans for September! This week we offer a peek at what is on offer at Vancouver Island University (VIU)'s Powell River Campus. As we are simply compiling and relaying this information, it's best to check with... Continue Reading →

A Career in Forest Firefighting

A forest fire can injure or kill animals, threaten towns and communities, emit pollutants into the air, and alter the soil and water. It can spread very quickly, and will destroy everything in its path. As a forest firefighter, it’s your job to minimize the damage that’s caused by a blaze like this one on... Continue Reading →

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