Wage Subsidy Service at Career Link

Are you interested in a position that is outside of your current skill set? The Wage Subsidy Service at Career Link aims to assist in enhancing your skills, gaining valuable work experience, securing long-term employment, and encouraging a fair wage during the training process at your new job. Eligibility for this service has expanded, contact... Continue Reading →

Extension on Get Youth Working!

 Extension! New Funding Now Available Apply NOW Get Youth Working! Program We are pleased to announce that the Get Youth Working! Program is extended and that they are now accepting applications for new hires with a start date on or after April 1st, 2014. The Get Youth Working! Program offers employers a $2,800 hiring incentive... Continue Reading →

Powell River Employers: Career Link needs YOUR help. Take our quick survey today (you can win a prize!)

Calling all Powell River Employers: Career Link is hosting a job fair! Are you having trouble finding qualified, motivated employees? We can help you save both time and money while meeting your recruiting needs. Scheduled for early spring, this free event will bring together employers and jobseekers in a low-pressure, structured environment. Employers will benefit from free... Continue Reading →

Ecossentials Just Keeps on Growing

By Maureen LattaThe past four years have seen big changes for Melissa Call’s Sunshine Organics business. After seven years of operating a warehouse-based, home-delivery service, Melissa opened the Sunshine Organics/Ecossentials bulk organic whole foods store at 4726 Marine Avenue four years ago to take what she calls the “get unpackaged idea” even further. She introduced... Continue Reading →

Growing a Business, One Employee at a Time

“Exciting” is the word that hair stylists Lisa Millar and Deidra Cathcart use when describing their profession. “There's always something to learn and it’s always growing as an industry. You can expand into so many different areas and it can be financially rewarding,” says Lisa, owner of Urban Roots. “I love all our clients,” says Deidra. “There... Continue Reading →

New Employee Rises to the Challenge

Coranne Anderson, one of the owners of Aaron Service and Supply, is an enthusiastic supporter of the Wage Subsidy Service [WSS] delivered by Career Link. To date, she has hired three full-time employees through the service. Her newest staff member, Stacy Mogan, celebrated her first anniversary with the company in November. What kind of person were... Continue Reading →

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