Eligibility Changes for Career Counselling

Employment Counsellors can give you customized job search assistance so you can land that perfect job! Eligibility for one-on-one appointments has expanded! Are you living in Powell River and looking for work? Connecting with an Employment Counsellor at Career Link can provide you with resume help, insight on the hidden job market, customized job search... Continue Reading →

Wrapping your head around a resume again

It's been a while since you had to put together a resume, huh? It can certainly be daunting to attack resume writing from scratch, in terms of recalling your past jobs and skills, deciding what is relevant and researching current resume styles, never mind the technical skills needed to produce a Word document, pdf, scanning... Continue Reading →

Coastal Postings: November 2018

  November 2018 #of postings: 119 (72 via Career Link; 47 found elsewhere). #Re-postings: 42.  Total number of positions offered: 153 Accommodations 5 Administration & Bus. Support 2 Agriculture 2 Construction 12 Education 10 Finance 2 Food services 20 Health care 38 Information/Culture 1 Manufacturing 2 Other services non-gov't 13 Professional Services 4 Public Admin 5 Retail... Continue Reading →

Career Changes at 40 (and beyond)

Forty-year-olds have many responsibilities that could make a work transition more difficult than changing careers at a younger age. At age 40, you are more likely to have children for whom you are financially responsible. You may have bought a house during the last few years and have a mortgage to pay. The average age of... Continue Reading →

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