Coastal Postings: Jobs Posted in February 2015

  Sector Positions Food Services 31 Retail Trade 15 Health Care 9 Public Administration 9 Accommodations 7 Construction 7 Transportation 7 Manufacturing 5 Education 3 Other Services (non-Govt) 3 Social Assistance 3 Agriculture,Animals,Aquaculture 2 Information/Culture 2 Mining/Quarrying 2 Administration & Business Support 1 Finance 1 Forestry 1  Total # of positions offered in February 2015:... Continue Reading →

A Primer for Jobs with BC Ferries

  For most applicants, a career with BC Ferries tends to start on a temporary or part-time basis. The majority of work open to the public starts as on call shift personnel who handle everything from customer service aboard a ship, to attendants in terminals. Covering a spectrum of work on both land and sea, BC Ferries is... Continue Reading →

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