Beating ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems)

Error-prone applicant tracking systems destroy 75 percent of job seekers' chances of landing a job as soon as they submit their resumes. How can you get yours past the system? Career Link offers a free monthly workshop titled "Mastering the Art of Applying for Jobs Online". Call us to register at 604.485.7958 or Register here.  In... Continue Reading →

Coastal Postings September 2016

click above for an interactive view Accommodations 7 Administration/business support 5 Agriculture/Animals/Agriculture 4 Construction 9 Education 5 Food services 18 Health care 14 Other services non-gov't 12 Professional Services 3 Public Administration 2 Recreation and Sports 1 Retail Trade 11 Social Assistance 1 Technical 5 Transportation 2

Upskilling Opportunities

up·skill verb gerund or present participle: upskilling teach (an employee) additional skills. "this is an opportunity to upskill staff and expand their capabilities" (of an employee) learn additional skills. "they will provide grants of up to 75% for staff who decide to upskill"   Canada-B.C. Jobs Grant to provide $7 million for "upskilling" by JOC... Continue Reading →

Coastal Postings March 2016

    Job postings in March 2016 = 134; 101 job postings through Career Link, and 33 job postings found elsewhere Jobs offered in March 2016 (because some postings were for more than  1 person) = 177 Repostings: 50   Previous Job Postings (not positions) March 2015 = 118 postings  (68 posted through Career Link... Continue Reading →

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