How to work the hidden job market

By Melany Hallam The hidden job market isn’t an employer conspiracy to keep you unemployed. It’s just the reality of how companies hire employees – and that is as efficiently as possible. Anyone who has had to hire someone knows that it can be an exhausting and expensive process, so it makes sense to find... Continue Reading →

Work/Life balance – It is what you think it is

By Melany Hallam Balance is a term that implies a weigh scale where the things being compared are equal. In the case of work/life balance, this would mean that the same amounts of time and energy are put into work, family and yourself every day. Generally, people decide to commit to creating “balance” in their... Continue Reading →

Water Cooler: Is online learning for me?

Take our survey! Click here. By Melany Hallam No matter what career you've chosen or what job you're doing for now, at some point you will find yourself needing to upgrade your skills by taking a course or a program of some kind. In Powell River, your options for face-to-face learning in the classroom are... Continue Reading →

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