Wrapping your head around a resume again

It's been a while since you had to put together a resume, huh? It can certainly be daunting to attack resume writing from scratch, in terms of recalling your past jobs and skills, deciding what is relevant and researching current resume styles, never mind the technical skills needed to produce a Word document, pdf, scanning... Continue Reading →

Water Cooler August 2014: Baby Boomers – should they stay or should they go?

By Melany Hallam Take the Water Cooler Survey now at http://www.careerlinkbc.com/blog.php Should baby boomers retire to make room for younger workers? Absolutely, they’ve had it too good for too long Heck no, they’re the backbone of our economy Jobs should be given to the best qualified candidates, no matter what age What’s a baby boomer? Who... Continue Reading →

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