September is WorkBC Disability Month

Make inclusive hiring a priority for your business this Sept during Disability Employment Month ly/RvXWq #WorkBC #AccessibleBC Celebrate Disability Employment Month! Make your business more inclusive this Sept. Tips and tools: ly/RvXWq #WorkBC #AccessibleBC Hiring employees with disabilities is good for business. Get on board with resources at ly/RvXWq, #WorkBC #AccessibleBC Resources and tips from... Continue Reading →

Coastal Postings September 2015

Sector -------------------------#Jobs posted Sept. 2015 Accommodations 13 Administration & Business Support 2 Agriculture,Animals,Aquaculture 4 Construction 8 Education 7 Finance 2 Food Services 37 Forestry 1 Health Care 15 Information/Culture 2 Manufacturing 4 Other Services (non-Gov’t) 7 Professional Services 3 Public Administration 2 Recreation and Sports 2 Retail Trade 28 Social Assistance 9 Transportation 6 153

September is Disability Employment Month

PRESS RELEASE Victoria - B.C. has declared September Disability Employment Month to celebrate people with disabilities in the workforce and the employers and communities throughout the province who pave the way to support them. Social Development and Social Innovation Minister Don McRae, along with recently appointed Parliamentary Secretary for Accessibility Linda Larson, will spend the... Continue Reading →

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