Aboriginal in Trades & Women in Trades at VIU

What is the Powell River VIU Aboriginal in Trades Training and Women in Trades Training Program? (download the brochure)

The Powell River VIU Aboriginal in Trades Training and Women in Trades Training Program runs from September 29 – December 19, 2014 at Vancouver Island University’s Powell River campus and at Career Link.  Earn while you learn and prepare for a career in the trades. Students may be eligible to receive up to $1333 training grant while in the Program.

This 12 week Program will explore 4 different Red-Seal trade areas: Automotive Service Technician, Carpentry, Culinary Arts and Welding, in addition to essential and employability skills training and industry certificates.  Learn about Trades opportunities. Work on the skills you need to be successful in the trades, gain employment skills and secure funding for a career in the trades.

What Industry Certificates are included?

  • FoodSafe
  • Forklift Operation
  • WCB Level 1 First Aid
  • Flagging

What happens after the Program?

Program graduates who meet the requirements for Trades training in Powell River could possibly receive a TUITION Funding for Trades Training Programs offered at the Powell River campus. Seats are limited.  Worker shortages in the trades mean good opportunities for great jobs now.  Apply today and get started on a successful satisfying well paid job in the trades.

Am I eligible?

To be eligible for application, all participants must fall into one of the following two categories:

a) Unemployed individuals who are determined to be non-EI clients.  Non-EI clients are individuals who do not currently qualify for Employment Insurance (EI) benefits and have not been in receipt of EI benefits within the past three years (or five years for those who received maternity or parental benefits)

b) Employed individuals who are determined to be low skilled, in particular, employed individuals who do not have a high school diploma or a recognized certification or who have low levels of literacy and essential skills.

To determine your eligibility, please review the LMA Eligibility  criteria at: http://www.itabc.ca/aboriginal-people-trades/funding-eligibility

3 steps to Admission

  1. Determine Eligibility by completing the LMA Eligibility Form available at VIU, Powell River campus
  2. Submit an Application and resumé to VIU
  3. Attend an interview with the Program Instructor at a date to be determined.

Who may I contact for more information?


  • Front office 604.485.2878


  • Sandy Elvy
    Administrative Coordinator
    Sandy.Elvy@viu.ca / (604)485-8027

Visit www.pr.viu.ca/aittwitt  for more information

Earn while you learn! Up to $1,333.00 in Training Grant Funding available.


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