Bladerunners is back!

Bladerunners20LogoWhat is Bladerunners?
Bladerunners is one of the most successful youth employment programs in BC. It helps participants with multiple barriers to employment to successfully transition into the workplace. By providing essential certifications and personal guidance, Bladerunners helps to ensure participants have what it takes to get hired.
This session of Bladerunners is geared towards preparing participants for jobs in the service industry. Eligible youth who wish to become employed this summer are strongly encouraged to apply.

What will Bladerunners receive?
● 4 weeks of classroom-based learning focusing on professional development, skills enhancement, and personal growth.
● WHMIS, Food Safe, World Host, Serving it Right, First Aid (OFA L1) and other workshops and training.
● Possibility of other certifications or necessary pieces of identification as needed.
● Training stipend of $100/week for attendance.
● Employment bonus of $100 upon attaining employment.
● Work clothes to help support the cost of entering the workplace.
● Possibility of participating in additional work experience.
Who is Eligible?
Unemployed or underemployed youth ages 15-30 who are not students and have not received Employment Insurance in the past 3 years are eligible for Bladerunners.
Good candidates for Bladerunners include youth with some of the following barriers and criteria:

  • Lack of experience or education (eg. Non-completion of High School, limited work experience or training)
  • At risk factors (eg. History of substance abuse, single parent issues, contact with justice,
  • homeless or at risk of homelessness)
  • Aboriginal ancestry

● The program runs for 4 weeks, Monday June 16th to Friday July 11th
● Sessions will be held at Career Link #103, 4511 Marine Avenue, Powell River V8A 2K5
● To discuss becoming a Bladerunner, please contact Nicole Townsend at or call Career Link at 604 485-7958.


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